Our Team

IAC CEO David Haylor. Expert Internal Audit Recruitment and Executive Search specialist.

David Haylor CEO IAC

David is the Founder and CEO of IAC. David’s role is to provide the strategy, direction and leadership for IAC. Operationally he focuses on delivering the very best Internal Audit leadership talent for our clients across the US.

David is also a retired British Army Officer who served alongside US military forces in Iraq. On leaving the military David moved into the recruitment profession, and has worked exclusively with Internal Audit leaders ever since. David combines his strong affiliation to the U.S. with his Internal Audit leadership expertise to provide market leading advice and support to corporate America.

IAC President Chris Brooker. Expert Internal Audit Recruitment and Executive Search specialist.

Chris Brooker – President IAC

Chris founded IAC USA Inc. and has built a market leading presence within the Internal Audit profession across the US.

Not only is Chris a leading headhunter, he is also a PWC qualified auditor, and retired British Army Officer. Chris brings all of these combined skills and experiences to ensuring our clients receive a service which is second to none.

IAC USA Inc. – Our Mission

We exist in order to enhance good Corporate Governance

IAC is an organisation that wants to make the world a better place. We do this by operating at the heart of Good Governance.

We believe that Good Governance plays a critical role in making companies and therefore the world, better. Better at what they do, better at how they do it, and better contributors to society.

Our mission is therefore simple; we take all of our passion, knowledge and skills and help our clients to identify and develop great Corporate Governance Talent. That then leads to value add teams that drive best practice and success throughout an organisation. Helping to enable that organisation to be better in every way and consequently making the world better.

We do our job to the highest possible standard enabling our clients to reach the highest possible standard.

Our Values

No mission can be achieved without continuous, persistent, disciplined work. That work needs guidelines to help you keep on track and focussed on what you are trying to achieve.

Our guidelines, our values, are simple but clear. They are:

  • Professionalism
  • Honesty
  • Teamwork

We apply these three simple values to every single action we take. We believe these values enable us to perform to the highest standards and to deliver an outstanding service to all of our clients and wider stakeholders.

Our Service

If you are looking for talent in the following areas we can help:

Internal Audit / IT Audit / Risk / Internal Controls / SOX Compliance / Cyber Security / Compliance / Sustainability/