What Risks are you focused on?

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For those responsible for considering risk and internal audit this is the next in the list of risks collated from the last couple of months of IAC webinars and surveys:

Covid “second wave” potential– are we ready and have we learnt important lessons from the “first wave”?

Of course with infection rates varying widely state to state and city to city, to talk of ‘waves’ is perhaps overly simplistic, but the key point remains, are we learning the lessons and preparing for the future?

It is conceivable that organisations adjust, adapt and re-set only to be hit by another period of reduced income, disrupted supply chains and remote working.

Organisations in the Northern Hemisphere are particularly nervous as to what happens when the winter flu season arrives whilst Covid-19 remains a threat.

What do you think? Has your organisation developed reliable enough systems and processes to ensure resilience if this occurs?

What can Internal Audit do to contribute to ensure preparations have / are being made?

Good luck to all.

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