Respect – How to earn it

Building Respect as an Internal Audit leader

Golden Rule = Never assume you have it, it needs to be earned every, single, day.

This point cropped up as I was asked by someone, who had been newly promoted, how do they gain respect of those they are now responsible for.

The great news here was that they already realised that a job title does not equal respect.

I should point out that I do realise that with title, age and confidence, comes a degree of automatic respect. However that can disappear as soon as you open your mouth or take your first action, the Golden Rule still stands regardless of age, title or experience.

So that being the case, how do you build respect?

  • Honesty – Be truthful in all you say and do, makes people feel safe around you. You can also build respect when you can be honest about your own failings and difficulties.
  • Clarity – Be clear in your communication, let people know where they stand.
  • Consistency – Partners with Clarity. Consistency of your communication, combined with clarity, really helps people to know where they stand with you and what expectations are.
  • Confidence – This can be misunderstood as ego or arrogance, but true confidence gives others security that you back yourself to do what needs doing, how and when it needs doing. Respect will follow.
  • Self-Discipline – If you are on time, prepared, organised, never flustered then you will build respect. This again stems from the fact people trust and feel secure around you.
  • Decisiveness – When a decision needs making, make it, do not procrastinate.
  • Work Ethic – Work hard, but with disciplined balance. Set the example.
  • Mindset / attitude – Positive, can-do, growth, always see the opportunity and upside.
  • Delivery – Always do what you say you will do.
  • Fairness & Compassion – Be fair in all things and treat others with compassion.
  • Calm – Don’t panic, and don’t allow your emotions to harm others.
  • Others before self – Live by the principle of putting others before your self.

The nuances of the above can be more complex, but you never have to be perfect, no one is perfect. All you have to do is genuinely and sincerely attempt to live by the above every day and you will have respect. You are allowed to make mistakes, you are allowed to get some of this wrong, that is part of growing, and being open with that will also help to build respect.

I hope that helps, any questions drop me a line.

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