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We have a productivity problem, not ground breaking news I know. There are no doubt numerous contributing factors to this, many of them technical and complex. However I believe there is an obvious win we are missing, and an obvious way to make all teams, all organisations more successful, productive and fulfilled.


Access the truly enormous potential of highly motivated people working as a team. Again, nothing ground breaking here, but what people may not realise is how astonishingly rare this is.

I have been a leader in recruitment for over a decade, and in a previous life I was a leader in the military. I have seen high performing environments and toxic environments. It is very clear to me that the vast majority of organisations are dramatically underachieving as although most aren’t toxic, most are failing to achieve an environment where they have an engaged, motivated and productive team.

My evidence for this? I now run a globally facing recruitment firm that works with hundreds of different organisations at any one time, thousands over the last eight years. The vast majority of whom are very lucky to retain any of their team for much longer than two to three years. My team’s recruitment skills are frankly being used too often, companies can and should be better at creating an environment where their teams thrive. Some companies will no doubt say why? aren’t we just spending money on free stuff, less work hours and ultimately lower productivity? Wrong.

I have learnt how companies can dramatically improve their; Hiring of the right people, Retention, Morale, Productivity, Profitability, Customer satisfaction, and team fulfilment. And my goal is to pass this on so that we can really make change happen.

At IAC we now have the Ten Point Plan that we know would increase the productivity of every team, every company and ultimately the UK. We are going to be consistently producing content on this, but in short the Ten Points are:

  1. Purpose
  2. Values
  3. The Right People
  4. Ability
  5. Expertise
  6. Hiring/On boarding Process
  7. Continuous and Rigorous Training & Development
  8. Serve to Lead
  9. Culture of Trust
  10. Growth Mindset

None of these are revolutionary, none are new, but aligned as one set of consistently delivered processes they can and do have a dramatic impact.

Imagine the impact of every team increasing its productivity by a mere 5%? Every team we can work with to fully integrate the above will easily see an increase of 10%+

I am always keen to discuss these ideas, and love to speak around how they can be implemented. Please reach out anytime if you would like to hear more.

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Founder and CEO of IAC. My role is to provide the strategy, direction and leadership for IAC. Operationally I focus on delivering the very best Internal Audit leadership talent for our clients across the US.

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